Taking better precautions!

Regular preventative health screening is important and helps to recognise illnesses at an early stage.

We recommend an annual health check for the ears (including a hearing test), the nose and sinuses as well as the upper respiratory tract (with a lung function test). If you are part of a high-risk group (for example, smokers), you should definitely consider taking precautionary measures and go for regular check-ups. Some professions (e.g., speech therapist, singer) are particularly demanding on the ears, nose and throat. Sports and leisure activities (e.g., diving and flying) can also put a strain on these organs. Upon demand, we can carry out examinations in our practice to evaluate your medical fitness for such activities.

The costs for these examinations are usually not covered by your medical insurance. They may, however, be extremely helpful in individual cases. Speak to us - we will advise you accordingly.

  • Occupational Aptitude
  • Mesotherapy
  • Health ChecksHalitosos Treatment
  • Treatment for dizziness
  • Laser medicine
  • Operation Advice
  • Fitness for travel
  • Fitness for diving
  • Medical check-ups for smokers


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